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 Iron core yoga for hockey players has become a frequent method of off-ice training practice for players of all ages, genders and calibers.  

This strong-body position yoga practice of static and flow asanas, incorporates dynamic stretching and ‘body openers’ for problem areas such as hip and groin flexibility wide known to effect hockey players.



Iron Core Yoga will challenge your physical being, challenge your balance, develop your core and will focus on opening the legs and hips. While Increasing your flexibility and joint mobility work included as well. 

Just like the Pros: We build a yoga for hockey style session as part of your recovery program the morning after every game.


Iron Core Yoga for hockey players is widely known for its effectiveness in preventing hockey injuries as well as promoting recovery. The harder you train, the more yoga you should do.

Iron Core Yoga for hockey is a great team-building activity. This practice is officially incorporated in The Academy Of Hockey (TAOH) off-ice fitness and conditioning program. (Check Us Out @ https://www.theacademyofhockey.com)